ADA Restroom Design1 Athletic Building Design2 Atrium Design3 Bar Design- Club Entry4 Break Room Purple Design5 Building Entrance Design6 Building Remodeling7 Ceiling Layout8 Coffee Shop Interior9 Corporate Headquarters Office Design10 Cubicle Layout11 Drive-Thru Restaurant Design12 Grocery Store Architect13 Hair Salon Design14 Health Spa Interior Design15 Interior Architecture Case Work16 Lobby Interior Design17 Master Planning and Urban Planning Sketch18 Medical Office Design19 Waiting Area- Medical Office Design20 Acoustic Improvements - Waiting Area, Medical Design21 Office Break Room 22 Pink Office Building 23 Green Office Building24 Grey Stucco Exterior Design25 Remodeling Design Office Building26 Office Front Desk Design27 Office Interior28 Office Interior Design29 Office Interior Design30 Office Reception Desk31 Office Space Planning32 Reception Area Design33 Hawaiian Restaurant Interior Design34 Hawaiian Restaurant Showing Tank Interior Design35 Retail Building36 Retail Design37 Retail Store Design38 Tenant Improvement Architect39 Twin Lake Elementary40 Work Space Design41 by v8.7

Above is a compilation of some of my personal favorite past architectural projects. In order to make a show that loads sufficiently fast for the internet this does not begin to show one percent of the many architectural projects that I have done in the Las Vegas area over the past 20 years. Please notice that many architects have chosen to make most projects that they design look similar in design character. I have chosen the opposite and try my best to make every project look different. This client driven design is what makes your project unique to your personal taste and I therefore consider that to be great architectural design. Most of the projects shown are interior tenant improvements because that seems to be what internet customers are looking for this year. Please phone for an appointment and I can show you samples of other architectural work that are similar to the project that you are thinking about.